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Hello, I’m Rob, with over a decade of experience spanning various audio industries, including music, live sound, audiobooks, post-production, and podcasts, I seamlessly integrate technical proficiency with project management skills. As a freelance audio engineer, I've collaborated with over 100 clients, achieving milestones such as propelling recording artists to over a million streams and securing features in a Netflix original movie. Specializing in comprehensive audio services, and project management, I've excelled in offering consultations on equipment and technologies, and conducting creative meetings. My ability to exceed quality expectations and foster lasting client relationships showcases my dedication to elevating production and marketing initiatives, making me a valuable asset to any collaborative team.

Audio Engineer  Music 
Marketing Associate

 Podcast   Producer

Project Management   

 Social Media  Content Strategies.


I service content creators
and small businesses in production and marketing.

At the intersection of content creation and business development, I bring over a decade of expertise as an Audio Engineer and Marketing Associate to the table. Whether it's fine-tuning audio quality for your podcast or devising effective marketing strategies, I thrive on delivering results that resonate with your audience. With a meticulous approach to project management, I streamline workflows and ensure every aspect of your production and marketing efforts align seamlessly, maximizing impact and engagement.

My commitment to excellence extends beyond technical proficiency; it's about understanding your vision and translating it into compelling content that drives success. By harnessing the power of audio engineering, marketing, and project management, I empower content creators and small businesses to unlock their full potential, leaving a lasting impression in today's dynamic digital landscape.

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Collaborating with content creators and industry leaders to deliver exceptional results and memorable experiences.

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